We offer clients peace of mind that their buildings are complying with current legislative requirements

ESM COMPLIANCE is a specialist company in the field of Essential Safety Measures and was established in order to assist building owners and property managers in meeting their ongoing legal responsibilities for the maintenance of their building’s Essential Safety Measures ensuring the safety of the occupants and buildings. Our staff has extensive experience in the industry; including inspections, audits and surveys of private and public schools, high rise buildings, airports, AFL sporting grounds, petro chemical plants, car manufacturing plants, universities, hospitals, aged care facilities and shopping centres Australia wide.

Our Services Include:

Annual Essential Safety Measures Reports

Maintenance / Repairs of all ESMs

Evacuation Diagrams / Fire Training

OH&S inspections

Maintenance Determinations / Schedules

Passive / Fire Integrity Inspections

Quarterly Means of Egress Inspections

5 Reasons to Choose ESM Compliance:

Latest Technology

ESM Compliance incorporate the latest and most innovative technology into our everyday operations. Our field staff use the newest model ipads, with all data uploaded in real time. Data is recorded, analysed and presented on our cloud-based management system and is available to clients, 24/7 via our secure Client Access Portal.

Customer Service Focused

This being one of ESM Compliance’s core values, drives everything we do. Clients are guaranteed professional care from both our office team and in field team. Our staff treat every client and their buildings as individuals to ensure best practice, a tailored service and complete customer satisfaction.


ESM Compliance are industry leaders with the knowledge and experience our clients trust. Established in 2008, ESM Compliance services a vast network of long-term clients, for whom we service thousands of buildings annually.

Continuous Improvement

ESM Compliance’s core value - Quality: in our work, always, is achieved by incorporating our comprehensive continuous improvement strategies, policies and procedures into every action we take. ESM Compliance continuously reviews, analyses and improves our services, always striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. In an industry with so many laws, regulations and amendments, our team is dedicated to ongoing professional development, ensuring our knowledge is kept accurate and current.

One Company, All Services

ESM Compliance specialises in all Essential Safety Measures services. Our ESM specialists are all in-house professionals. When clients engage ESM Compliance they can be assured that of all their ESM needs will be met while dealing with only one company, saving them time and money.

We offer clients peace of mind that their buildings are complying with current legislative requirements