Evacuation Diagrams and Fire Training

Evacuation Plans & Diagrams

The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 requires that any person or body that manages or controls a workplace, to any extent, must ensure that the workplace, including entering and exiting the workplace, is safe and without risk to health. Emergency Evacuation Plans are recognised as an important part of providing a safe workplace.

ESM Compliance specialises in providing fully compliant A3 diagrams to a multitude of workplaces, throughout Australia to ensure that each building complies with AS 3745.

All plans are colour A3 laminated plans comprising a pictorial representation of the floor they are serving and other relevant important response information in order to safely evacuate the building. Our plans include all mandatory information required by the standard (AS 3745) and are installed to the correct orientation for their location. Plans include symbols (identifying the location of the installed ESM equipment), ‘You are here points’ and nominated assembly areas.

We also provide stylish silver snap lock frames to house the Evacuation Plans.

Fire Safety Training

ESM Compliance specialise in Workplace Emergency Response Training. All designated Fire Wardens should be trained in the practical use of fire equipment, to ensure they know how to respond appropriately to a variety of emergencies in their workplace. Different emergencies require difference responses and training should include details of varying scenarios, Warden roles and managing occupants of the workplace in the case of an emergency. Practical training on the correct use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets can also be provided.