OHS Inspections in Victoria (Occupational Health & Safety)

A professional Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) inspection of your workplace is essential for creating ongoing and sustainable improvements to employee health, safety, well-being and productivity. ESM Compliance specialises in workplace health and safety audits, risk assessments and OH&S advice. We can even combine your OH&S and Annual Essential Safety Measures (AESMR) reports into one comprehensive report.

ESM Compliance can be engaged to inspect and identify Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) hazards in accordance with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act). The Act also defines the common property of a Body Corporate as a workplace and therefore under the Act, the Body Corporate is responsible to ensure it is a safe place for workers, contractors, volunteers, members of the general public, tenants, owners and visitors. The purpose of the audit is to identify any hazards that may present a risk to such persons at the premises.

Duties of those who manage or control workplaces (Section 26 of the OH&S Act 2004)

Any person or body that manages or controls a workplace, to any extent, must ensure that the workplace, including entering and exiting the workplace, is safe and without risk to health. Those who manage or control a workplace could include the employer, the occupier of the workplace, the owner of the workplace and others. As an owner, body corporate manager or person responsible for your property, you are exposed to a number of risks relating to your Occupational Health and Safety obligations and common law responsibilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that personnel are provided with ready access to relevant health and safety documents and data.

Failing to provide a safe workplace under the Occupation Health and Safety Act 2004 may lead to prosecution with fines exceeding $120,000 for an individual or $750,000 for companies for each breach. Failing to adequately maintain fire safety systems installed in a building to ensure they will operate as intended may null and void insurance policies and/or claims.