Are you drowning in ESM paperwork?

Are you drowning in ESM paperwork?

In many ways, the building industry seems to be one of the last to embrace technology and remove reliance on hard copies, records in triplicate and mountains of loose data that then needs to be entered into spreadsheets, chased up when lost, filed, archived, stored.

That’s a lot of extra resource.  A lot of double, triple, quadruple handling.  A lot of time taken away from the business of business. And as we know, time is money!

The ESM Compliance team have been hard at work researching ways to ease the burden for our valued clients.  We now have an on online compliance portal, giving you real time access to your properties schedules and reports.  No time-consuming data entry required.

Sound good?

Email us today to chat about giving you online access to your properties data and compliance level.