Insurance at risk

Insurance at risk

Are you placing your financial future at risk with non-compliant Essential Safety Measures?

Every year those insurance renewals roll around, and although we might complain a little that the premium has increased – again – we pay it anyway, because we know how important it is to protect our asset, or business and our financial future. Right?

What you may not be aware of, is that if your building does suffer fire damage, your claim could well be denied.
Before paying out on a claim, most insurers will undertake an investigation of the incident. Often they find that the building’s Essential Safety Measures are inadequate, not fit for purpose, or not in an operational state. As a result, your claim can be substantially reduced or rejected altogether.

Having a compliant building, including Annual Essential Safety Measures reports & certification sign-off, records of regularly scheduled Essential Safety Measures equipment maintenance, and professionally prepared Path of travel reports will give you a level of comfort that if the worst does happen, your financial future is protected.

At ESM Compliance, we protect your safety in more ways that one. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you become compliant and stay compliant.